Loretta Thompson found an interest in the arts as a young girl. Yet, really discovered other areas of the arts when she began her artistic studies at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. This experience opened the door to new arts ideas and her love for creating and teaching the arts bloomed. 

After graduating from UARTS, Loretta continued her artistic growth by obtaining a Masters in Arts Management from George Mason University. She continues to pursue her artistic goals of exhibiting, collaborating and teaching within the arts.

My Work

Loretta is an accomplished mural artist, sculptor - working in wood and clay, painter and mosaic artist. Using paint as her current medium, Loretta seeks ways to incorporate sculptural elements within her work. Typically working with acrylic paint, she combines other materials such as resin  to add texture and specific effect to each piece. Additionally, Loretta enjoys trying new materials and experimenting. Another art form currently pursued are mosaics, mostly tables of various materials and sizes. 

Some subject matter important to Loretta are nature and the human form. Loretta uses specific color or positioning of the image to draw feeling or emotion from the viewer. These images are composed within any form of art created and can be literal or abstract, functional or artistic. 

Loretta has exhibited at local galleries within the DC, Maryland and Virginia area, and commissioned several murals and private art pieces. Her mosaic work is often restorative, renewing older, damaged tables and giving them new life. 

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